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Psycho Pinball - Codemasters (1995)
Tested By: pimpshiz

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.73 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
70% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
70% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
63% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

Screen scrolling (2021-08-16 13:48) sfjuocekr
The game works very well, horizontal tilting now simply wraps the screen and works very smooth.

Vertical tilting on the other hand does not work at all, the game "changes" the resolution of the drawn part of the screen and DOSBox responds by making resolution changes.

I think this could be solved by padding the bottom side of the screen with black pixels.
hi-res option (2015-07-23 02:10) Alexxx
by the way.
in-game selection, HI-RES mode dont work correctly. play in Low-res mode.
config sound= typing sound.bat
unzip all files in FOLDER: pp
(sorry my little english)
to play psycho in dosbox 0.74 (2015-07-23 01:53) Alexxx
unzip all files in dir pp. in windows,goto subfolder OTHER and search for files hidden. uncheck read only, the highscore.cfg file.(if read only is checked,dosbox failloading with the illegal write error)
Open dosbox old way - dosbox screen only.
mount c c: (yes,mount than show red warning msg)
cd pp
configure sound.
exactly as dosbox parameterload. set blaster=a220 I7 D1 H5 T6. (WRONG CONFIG and game fail after language selection, and dosboxexit to: file not found)

type psycho
have fun!
Works good, but sometimes distorted sound. (2007-03-28 20:38) tre_qu
Sometimes sounds is distorted.
Also graphics are distorted when display is scrolling.. this is also mentioned in help file:

Game screen garbled or "rolling" or "flickering".

The option screens use the most standard of VGA modes, and so should work on all VGA cards and monitors. However, the game itself uses a different mode which is higher resolution. This
works on most VGA cards and monitors, but may cause the above effects on some systems. To correct this problem simply go to the OPTIONS screen in the game and change the setting RESOLUTION from HIGH to LOW. This will cause the game to play in the most standard of VGA modes, the same as the option screens.

Of course we want 'high' resolution... :)
it doesn't work (2006-10-18 14:58) sterredag
It doesn't work in dos 0.61, after starting the game it crashes.
If i play it directly (not from dosbox) my monitor says not having any input as soon as I choose one to play.

If someone can help me to play this game please send me a mail at
invalid handle (2005-11-05 16:28) LoWang
and what if I mounted it to be in c:\games (got rid of "invalid read/write messages"), but after selecting a language I got this error!
Working (2004-09-17 17:06) Martyx
AMD Athlon XP2500, 1Gb RAM, Windows 2000 SP4, DOSBox 0.61. Fullscreen w/DoubleBuffering, Cycles 8000, Frameskip 0. I deleted HISCORES.FLG from the OTHER folder, and it generated a new one. Also, make sure that none of the files/folders are set as read-only!
If anyone wants my HISCORES.FLG file, send me an email martyn[AT]mxd3[DOT]com
Path not found (2004-09-03 13:07) Tiberian
When I try to run Psycho.exe through dosbox, it gives me this error message "Path not found". When I run it without dosbox, it is too slow to be played. That path not found -problem could be related to what Qbix said, but I tried that and it still didn't work. Maybe I did it wrong? Help! I NEED to play this game.
Can't run Psycho Pinball (2004-08-28 09:22) Philo
Getting invalid read/write messages when I run Psycho Pinball inside DOSBox. I saw the post about Hiscores.flg file being read-only, but I don't see that file in the OTHER directory. Help...
Got it to work! (2004-05-17 06:26) Darky
The problem was that the file Hiscores.flg in the folder "Other" was readonly.. Just disable it and it works! (It might also be hidden..)
0.61 (2004-02-05 05:03) Qbix
don't put it in the root of your filesystem.
Physcho pinball must reside in a subdirectory
mount c c:\games
cd psycho <------this line!!!
doesn't work for me :( (2004-02-03 17:39) beej
doesn't work for me in 0.60 or 0.61 :(

pimpshiz or anybody else who has this working: please contact me at to let me know how you got it to work.
Note: (2004-01-22 00:00) pimpshiz
Intros run slow, a few graphics (mainly the ball and flippers) are a bit distorted. In the game options - change the resolution to low and the computer speed to low and the game runs close to normal.

Compatibility statistics (3910 games in database)
Version: Games broken: Games runnable: Games playable: Games supported:
DOSBox 0.74-3 (1033) 20 (1.94%) 31 (3.00%) 39 (3.78%) 943 (91.29%)
DOSBox 0.73 (633) 14 (2.21%) 17 (2.69%) 17 (2.69%) 585 (92.42%)
DOSBox 0.72 (716) 43 (6.01%) 22 (3.07%) 31 (4.33%) 620 (86.59%)
DOSBox 0.71 (161) 29 (18.01%) 10 (6.21%) 8 (4.97%) 114 (70.81%)
DOSBox 0.70 (949) 21 (2.21%) 15 (1.58%) 30 (3.16%) 883 (93.05%)
DOSBox 0.65 (721) 38 (5.27%) 27 (3.74%) 40 (5.55%) 616 (85.44%)
DOSBox 0.63 (916) 75 (8.19%) 45 (4.91%) 46 (5.02%) 750 (81.88%)
DOSBox 0.62 (393) 56 (14.25%) 24 (6.11%) 27 (6.87%) 286 (72.77%)
DOSBox 0.61 (998) 87 (8.72%) 58 (5.81%) 68 (6.81%) 785 (78.66%)
DOSBox 0.60 (771) 108 (14.01%) 71 (9.21%) 72 (9.34%) 520 (67.44%)
DOSBox 0.58 (1146) 266 (23.21%) 15 (1.31%) 19 (1.66%) 846 (73.82%)

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