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Daggerfall - Bethesda (1996)
Tested By: nemo

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.73 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.71 (broken)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
19% (runnable)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (runnable)

Problems running Daggerfall (2019-05-31 11:11) SkeletonWizard
I'm using the copy from the official website & I did everything on the PDF file correctly, but when I try to start the game I get a no CD error, I tried changing the Z.CFG file but that didn't work, now I only get a 'unable to locate the Daggerfall CD'. What do I do?
Help with Run Speed Cheat (2014-11-17 00:41) ParrotheadApologist
Hi all,

I'm running Daggerfall through DosBox, and I can't get it to accept the run speed cheat. Apparently I'm supposed to press "1" and it will raise my runspeed to six times the normal pace, but pressing 1 seems to do nothing.
Sword Swinging (2014-08-28 14:29) DeepDarkSoul
Also be aware that the reflexes in this game can seem a bit awkward in the beginning. Make sure your mouse is all the way to one side of the screen and no longer an X cursor and hold the right mouse button while moving the cursor to the other side. This should generate a swing.
Hey Herp Derp, Sword Swing (2014-08-28 14:25) DeepDarkSoul
My son had the same thing happen last night. It was corrected by going into controls and setting the Swing Weapon from M 2 (generated with right mouse click) to something else, I think he used 4 or something, then set it back to M 2 (generated by right clicking, not typing Mspace2)
Fighting (2014-01-05 01:39) Herp Derp The Second
For some odd reason when I try to swing a sword or something IT DOESN'T WORK! So I keep getting killed someone please help me fix this problem!
so close yet so far away (2013-12-28 05:47) vampy
so i finally managed to get it to the dagger fall install. I occidentally installed the minimum one and when i went back to install the huge it wouldn't let me due to not enough disk space ARG :( it took me ages to get that far - now what do i do ??
Can't Run :( (2012-02-10 05:21) Phoenex360
I downloaded my Daggerfall file from I managed to fight my way through installing it, maybe, but I can't figure out how to run it on v 0.74 because the instructions included in the file were for v 0.73. I am mostly computer illiterate, so I don't want to mess around too much in fear of altering something etc...
Please just help because I would love to play all the Elder Scroll classics. Thanks!~<3
Daggerfall from CD (2012-01-22 13:16) Martin_Baker
I am trying to run Daggerfall from the actual cd I bought from Bethesda years ago, and I am running into a multitude of ploblems. I can get it to install, then I play for a bit. I save and exit the game, but the next time I want to play,
Dosbox cannot find the cd; and if I try to just go with fall z.cfg I have no mouse. Any help is appreciated.
CD Not found fix (2011-08-05 23:13) SirSpam
When you run the game if it tells you a load of crap about how your cd isnt in the right place what your going to need to do is,
Step 1
Go to wherever you installed DaggerFall
Step 2
Edit Z.cfg with any word program
Step 3
Find "pathcd" and change it to the drive you mounted the DFCD folder ex. "pathcd D:" not "pathcd C:"
Step 4
Make sure you dropped the DFCD part of the folder so it's not "pathcd D:DFCDdaggerarena2" it's "pathcd D:daggerarena2"
Step 5
Interesting.... (2011-04-28 06:25) Mountjim
my post seems to have dropped the appropriate "slashes"
UPDATE; Gotten past the install problem, now no CD issue. (2011-04-28 06:22) Mountjim
The instructions that come with the download are specific;
1)mount c c:dosgames freesize 1000
2)mount d c:dosgamesdfcd t cdrom label Daggerfall
Result: No CD found.
Reading through the postings I have tried this several ways; 1) as shown 2)using a subfile "DOS" nestled in the dosgames file "dosgamesDOSdfcd 3)putting the commands in config file and 4)entering the commands directly into dosbox following the Z prompt.No Joy! Any ideas? Thanks
Problem loading game..... (2011-04-27 20:51) Mountjim
I downloaded daggerfall and using the instructions that came with the download I got as far as Item #13 installing the game. The instruction tell us to chose HUGE - 450 MB and than install. I get a message that I havent got enough room and should delete files or use a smaller install. Ok so I have more than enough room on my harddrive therefore it would appear to be some type of emulation problem. I had, as instructed, changed mem from default 16 to 32 though Dosbox suggests this isnt a good idea. what could be going wrong here and what can i do to fix it? Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Solution: Daggerfall detects error 0 (2011-04-21 23:01) Whosh
Since games reluctantly install into the root dir we lovingly set up, forcing us further to add the extra line "cd dagger" before we type in "fall z.cfg", people often try to fix it by messing with the "mount c..." path. You can't take that shortcut here.

Z.cfg, the configuration file referenced by the fall.exe program, contains an absolute reference to a subdir based on whatever the original install root directory was. Since the DF files directory is forced by the program to be at least one level off the root directory, if you subsequently change the location of the root directory to wherever the fall prgm is, you'll get this error.

It might work again if you changed the z.cfg file so the path to the ARENA2 directory is correct relative to your new root directory, but there may be many other recursive references, such as with sound files. The easiest way to solve the problem is just stick with the root DF left you with and type in the extra "cd dagger" before "fall".
Looks like you inserted the wrong CD (2010-02-27 03:13) Geminate
This usually happens when you label your mounted CD-drive (real or virtual) incorrectly. It MUST be labeled - Daggerfall - if you put DAGGERFALL or daggerfall, or anything else you will always get the "Looks like you inserted the wrong CD" message.
Got it Working (2009-10-08 01:27) Nisiar
Nevermind. I got it working using that site
Driving me Insane (2009-09-30 02:03) Nisiar
Ok so i've been rtrying to get Daggerfall to work for awhile now and now that Bethesda has released it i thought it would be really easy. Anyway, i followed all the steps laguna said and it worked up until i actually tried to run the game. then i got a message saying Looks like you inserted the wrong cd. "Please insert you daggerfall cd in your cdrom and try agian." But i dont HAVE a cd. I looked it up and people said to do the fall z.cfg thing but when i did that i got Daggerfall has detected the error 0. Press return to quit. Argh! help please
Thank You, Bethesda (2009-07-20 04:45) fencing_elf
Bethesda has added Daggerfall as a free download alongside Arena on their website, They also inclde a short guide on installing it in DosBox (or you could use one of the guides from
how to install on xp. (2009-07-13 09:14) laguna
After dling the install extract the folders into your c:. Then open dosbox and type mount c c:/ -freesize 1000 - this will change the 105mb size to 999mb - then type c: then cd dfcd then install. Select huge install 450mb. After it has installed close dosbox then reopen and type mount c c:/ then c: then cd dagger then dag213 this will patch. Then close dosbox and reopen. Then type mount c c:/ the c: then cd dagger then fall z.cfg and then game will start. If the mouse doesnt work press ctl f10. enjoy.
WTF! i can't find out how to install! (2009-07-08 00:38) ball2008
OK! why can't this site work? there is no code for Daggerfall on this site at all! and none of the other sites work either! i try to install it from, but it doesn't work. please give me and us another site for this!
Ultrasound midi error (2008-11-09 07:37) diyadokeon
Works like a charm with dynamic core, but one thing I couldn't do and would really like to is initialize ultrasound midi. It works for sound effects, if only with some odd gurgling distortions but when trying to set it up for music it shows a "Midi driver could not initialize" error. If someone could look into that... because the background music should sound really great when using this driver.
CD not recognized (2007-10-01 08:33) Kane
I am trying to run Daggerfall in dosbox with DOG front end. I have it installed fine, but when I run it, it does not recognize the CD. I have mounted the CD in DOG, and inserted the CD. Any help is appreciated
nevermind (2007-08-14 07:13) Jman
thanks if you tried to help but we got it working.
need help (2007-08-13 18:19) Jman
when i put the CD in a window opens that says 'an unnamed file was not found' so i click OK and the auto run comes up and it says run, install, setup sound and skynet demo(AVI.)so i click install and the screen goes completely black! can anybody help me?
Possible fix: (2007-07-08 07:44) Slink
Searching the forums gave me a three-year-old answer that worked:

Check Z.CFG. Chances are, your path and pathcd are set to something like
But, the problem is, you're mounting "C:\" to
So in reality, you're runnning "C:\DAGGER.EXE", rather than "C:\DOSBox\Games\DAGGER\DAGGER.EXE"
So, setting path and pathcd to
fixes the issue, because in DOSBox, "C:\" is "C:\DOSBox\Games\DAGGER"
Make sense?
@Daedros (2007-06-22 12:31) Slink
I'm having the same issue, Daedros. Running the .BAT works, but running FALL.EXE Z.CFG out of DOSBox results in an error or a blackscreen.
Doesn't work... (2007-06-22 01:52) Daedros
I've downloaded Daggerfall from that website. I've checked the Z.CFG file, both the Path and PathCD say "c:\dagger\arena2\". I start up DosBox 0.70 and type "Mount C C:\DAGGER", then i type "C:" and then "FALL.EXE Z.CFG", and all i get is either the screen goes completely black and it never goes past it, or i get a error message and it closes. I've checked the "Troubleshooting" section of the DosBox Readme, and have tried everything it suggests to do if "Running a certain game closes DOSBox, crashes with some message or hangs". None of it has worked at all, i'm using Windows XP. I have gotten this to work before on a different computer about a year ago, that computer had a 1000 Mhz Processor, this one has a 3000 Mhz Processor.
Without video? (2007-06-21 16:32) Slink
Is it possible to get the game to run without the CD, without copying the files over from the CD?
Oh well (2007-06-04 01:05) Nwart
Sorry, not too readable I guess, but I can't edit.
Just use the installer I linked ( and check paths in "z.cfg".
Don't run the game with dagger.exe but type in "fall.exe z.cfg" to skip protection.
How to install (2007-06-04 00:55) Nwart
How to install:

_If you didn't already, make a directory which will be the root of your dosbox "c drive". For example, let's say it's c:\dosbox_drive

_Download dfinstall. You can find it here :

_Extract it somewhere, and run dfinstall.exe

_Check everything : it will install the full game on drive and patch it with the 2.13 patch. Install on c:\dagger\ (default)

_Configure sound as in your dosbox configuration (check dosbox documentation for details)

_Move your dagger directory into your dosbox virtual "c drive" e.g. c:\dosbox_drive

How to play:

Run dosbox, mount your drive and go to the game directory, then run the game skipping the CD check with

fall.exe z.cfg

and here you go.
If this doesn't work check path and pathCD in z.cfg (both should be c:\dagger\arena2\).
If sound doesn't work run setup to configure your sound card.
Can't install from CD (2007-05-19 01:34) Sagari
I can't install Daggerfall from its CD. It complains about no rom available on driev C: (no matter what i mount as C:) and it can't see any drives at all when i try to choose different install path.

Please post the entire and details explanation of how have you managed to install Daggerfall.
Pentium 4 2Ghz 512 ram, not so perfect (2007-03-10 19:16) L0stTh0ught
I keep getting a 'Can't find the correct CD' or 'Can't read the CD' what was the exact string of commands that you used? I'd appreciate it.
Pentium4 2.4Ghz, 1GB RAM, works perfectly (2007-03-09 09:54) Tamentis
The game works perfectly here, v0.70. This game is a must have.

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