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Master of Orion 2 - Microprose (1996)
Tested By: meh

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
98% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
98% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
60% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

Strategy, very good graphic/sound - Supported (2016-03-30 11:39) ge2001
ISO Version.
Excellent intro, menu, gameplay.
A very good game. Nice to own.
No problems encountered.

Test period: 10 Minutes
Win 7-64 Home Premium
Intel i5 M430, 4GB RAM
AMD Mobility RADEON HD 5000 Series (5650)
D-Fend and DOSBox 0.74
Works fine with full installation (2014-10-26 16:46) GameDoctorPC
The game fully works with DOSBox (full installation). I've made a (german) video tutorial:
batch file for simpicity to run moo2 (2014-01-06 02:36) Almirian
@echo off
title MOO2 starter for DOSBOX by Almirian
set moo2filename="m2v140"
set moo2cd="mount g g: "
set moo2files="mount c d:moo2"
set dosboxdir="c:dosbox"
set gotodrv="c:"
echo Enter your choice.
echo 1. MOO2
echo 2. MOO2 server
echo 3. MOO2 client
set /p choice=
if "%choice%"=="1" goto justmoo2
if "%choice%"=="2" goto moo2server
if "%choice%"=="3" goto moo2client
echo Invalid choice: %choice%
goto start
cd %dosboxdir%
dosbox -c %moo2cd% -c %moo2files% -c %gotodrv% -c %moo2filename%
cd %dosboxdir%
dosbox -c "ipx=true" -c "ipxnet startserver" -c %moo2cd% -c %moo2files% -c %gotodrv% -c %moo2filename%
set /p ipaddr="Server IP: "
cd %dosboxdir%
dosbox -c "ipx=true" -c "ipxnet connect %ipaddr%" -c %moo2cd% -c %moo2files% -c %gotodrv% -c %moo2filename%
batch file for simpicity to run moo2 (2014-01-06 01:59) Almirian
moo2 (2013-06-10 21:35) boblawblaw
i would like very much to play this game
Mouse pointer is jerky and too fast in 0.74 (2012-04-01 20:26) Wizardling
How do I make MOO2 run smoothly, especially with the mouse in 0.74, please? The pointer moves way too fast and is jerky :-(
Running on Win7(64) under virtual mode (2011-09-22 15:25) SlapShot
Ran the Moo2 Patch: 1.40b23 Patch.
Ran compatibility of Orion2 in win95 mode.
Made following changes in DOSBox Config:
Ran orion2 from mounted C: in DOSbox.
May have to modify the sensitivity.
Crashes when emulation paused (2009-01-06 23:24) rjh82
Using dosbox 72, dos version of MOO2 runs fine under Windows XP and XP 64. The only problem is when I tab out of the game (or release mouse with ctrl-F10 and click to a different window, or pause emulation), and later resume the game, it often crashes. Usually not right at the start of a game, but after it's been running for a while.
Small DosBox Window in Windows XP? (2008-11-09 06:03) Psilon_Master
INSTALL MOO2: First, I copied the entire MOO2 cd into the hard drive directory oldgamesmoo2orig. I removed the cd and, FROM the oldgamesmoo2orig directory, installed moo2 into the oldgamesorion2 directory. Installing FROM your hard drive eliminates having to insert the original cd each time you start moo2.

DOSBOX CONFIGURATION: I set dosbox to run the game using:
mount c c:
cd oldgamesorion2

TO ENLARGE DOSBOX WINDOW: At windows desktop, rightclick Dosbox icon, hit properties tab, then compatibility. Check box to run in 640 x 480 screen resolution. I also checked Compatibility mode Windows 98.

REMOVE START TASKBAR: From Windows XP desktop, right click on 'Start' Taskbar, hit Properties, remove check from 'Keep the taskbar on top of other windows'.

PLAYING: When moo2 first loads, I grab top of dosbox window and move it to THE top of my screen. The games fills up my whole screen and is playable.

I love this game and play at the Impossible setting.
Works fine on osx with cd image (2008-02-13 01:48) Tyr
The game will usually run fine and at a sensible speed under modern hardware, but there are a few non-critical bits (like scrolling in combat, or setting a tax rate) which seem cpu-bound and go crazy. Using dosbox everything seemed to work fine, I've just spent several hours playing it without any issues at all. I didn't finish a game, but I did test against the very few speed based issues I had on windoze.
My setup: bin/cue cd image, dosbox 0.72 on an intel core 2 duo macbook pro at 2.4ghz.
FULL SPEED AND SOUND WORKS PERFECT (2007-05-13 21:46) yalmissari
Hello all... if you like me, you love the game, but hate the compatibility issues. This simple setup will get you up and running like the old days.

Get D.O.G. Front end.
Get winISO or the like, and create an ISO of the CD
When selecting the drives, select the ISO drive as your "CDROM" instead of your actual CDROM.
Have Fun
Version 0.70 (2007-04-07 12:36) Kioras
While it ran but slowly on 0.65, version 0.70 of dos box speed up the speed significantly, although i haven't tried the sound, the game runs much better then it used to.
slow for me (2004-05-04 13:24) Werewolf
Slow mouse is not a problem when sensivity set to ~1000. Game animation is also slow, but playable.
Win95 version "works" in win2000 if I disable directx hardware acceleration, but crashes when I capture Orion or before the scores at the end.
DosBox 0.61 moo2 crashes in main menu (2004-02-15 08:36) Licho
On my PC it crashes upon click in main menu..

(And you can't run moo2 in windows 2000 properly (windows version crashes/has distorted pallette after few turns and dos version works even worse)).
whats the point? (2003-12-21 06:44) MishimaYukio
The win95 version works perfectly in NT based OSes
Battle Mode still broken (with dosbox 0.60) (2003-11-21 02:28) LX
When the player or the enemy tries to move a ship in battle mode, dosbox exits with the error message:
"Exit to error: IRET to lower privilege"

Otherwise working nicely apart from the slow mouse.
Moo2 in 0.60 (2003-10-19 14:29) Youkai
Everything seems fine except the mouse moves EXTREMELY slowly.
Note: (2003-04-18 00:14) meh
Error: protected mode not supported

Compatibility statistics (3928 games in database)
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DOSBox 0.74-3 (1251) 18 (1.44%) 44 (3.52%) 46 (3.68%) 1143 (91.37%)
DOSBox 0.73 (644) 16 (2.48%) 23 (3.57%) 17 (2.64%) 588 (91.30%)
DOSBox 0.72 (722) 45 (6.23%) 24 (3.32%) 31 (4.29%) 622 (86.15%)
DOSBox 0.71 (164) 29 (17.68%) 12 (7.32%) 8 (4.88%) 115 (70.12%)
DOSBox 0.70 (952) 23 (2.42%) 17 (1.79%) 29 (3.05%) 883 (92.75%)
DOSBox 0.65 (727) 39 (5.36%) 30 (4.13%) 41 (5.64%) 617 (84.87%)
DOSBox 0.63 (917) 76 (8.29%) 45 (4.91%) 46 (5.02%) 750 (81.79%)
DOSBox 0.62 (394) 56 (14.21%) 24 (6.09%) 27 (6.85%) 287 (72.84%)
DOSBox 0.61 (998) 87 (8.72%) 59 (5.91%) 68 (6.81%) 784 (78.56%)
DOSBox 0.60 (774) 108 (13.95%) 73 (9.43%) 72 (9.30%) 521 (67.31%)
DOSBox 0.58 (1149) 266 (23.15%) 15 (1.31%) 20 (1.74%) 848 (73.80%)

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