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Game details
Strike Commander - Origin (1992)
Tested By: Confuzor

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
95% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
63% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (broken)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

If the game crashes... (2021-06-21 14:41) Advocado007
I've had problems with this game for years, under DOSBox and real hardware. Turns out it uses its own memory manager, so if you get ingame crashes try this:


Also, if you're using the CD version, make sure to apply this patch:
Memory (2012-12-13 16:58) mojitoking
I'm having trouble with Strike Commander using DOSBox 0.74 on a WIN7 machine.

Here are the steps I've taken and the messages received.

Any help would be appreciated!

mount c c:/strike-commander
"Not enough DOS memory detected. 586k are needed to play Strike Commander. Only 423K was found. (...)"
loadfix install (defaults to 64K)
"Not enough DOS memory detected. 586k are needed to play Strike Commander. Only 358K was found. (...)"
i also tried allocating 590K
"Insufficient DOS memory available to run Strike Commander. (...) 590K freed"
Works in V0.74 (2012-03-09 01:27) siffert
I got this game running A-OK with specialsymbol notes. I also fixed the problem with mouse drifting by using the joystick (in the conf file) setting of
autofire=false and using the "joystick type to "2 axis". Of course, am using a old (but reliable) Gravis 2 button stick. Should it ever drift again, just remove the joya.dat file and recalibrate.
Earlier dosbox versions (prior to .73) gave me off centered graphics using the "vga" machine type on my Dell XPS 630i MSI GTX285 SLI cards.
No sound problem (2011-03-05 11:22) Xantin
If you have no sound in game - type install in the game folder and change sound card config to IRQ 7. Typing "install" after actual installation will open the hardware setup.
Logitec extreme 3d pro and mouse interaction (2009-11-18 17:22) caskeyma
DosBox .72 and.73 both have the same problem after installing the game I have a strange interaction between the mouse and joystick. After calibrating the joy stick the mouse wants to travel to the upper right hand corner of the screen. The only way to get control over the mouse is to take the joystick and hold it in the lower right position. Then you have control over the mouse. I have seen other posts on the mouse and joy stick not operating correctly and do not see any posts on solution. DOES THE DOSBOX TEAM HAVE ANY IDEAS
no sound using D-Fend Reloaded and DOSBox 0.73 (2009-10-19 03:20) Knohltorious
Got it to run using specialsymbol's recommendations, but I have no sound. Tried modifying Soundblaster settings in D-Fend, no luck. No one here seems to be having this problem. Any ideas? Thanks!
correction (2008-12-13 14:08) specialsymbol
Sorry, it's -ioctl instead of -iocd
this will solve the problem Gullage had.

Unmounting the drive d is optional, but you don't need it anymore.
Using a directory to put in all the files from the CD and mounting it as the CD won't work (I couldn't get it to work). Either the CD itself or nothing, when you copied all the files mentioned above into the directory you installed Strike Commander to.
SC- CD Version installs/runs under Windows XP x64 (2008-12-13 14:02) specialsymbol
It's pretty easy to get it installed and run:

-set EMS=true, XMS=false

-remember that the standard IRQ for the SBPro in dosbox is 7, not 5 as suggested by the installation program, so change the setting appropriately

-insert the CD with Strike Commander on it
mount the CD drive with:
mount d "D:" -t cdrom -iocd
where "D:" is the letter of your drive in Windows

-install the game as you wish, I recommend using the default directory

then copy from the cd the following files into the installation directory:
all .tre (except liltre.tre, which is already there)
all .pak (except arena.pak, which is already there)

that's it. Now you don't need the CD anymore, game runs smoothly with cpu-cycles set to 16000

you can remove the mounting of your cd if you don't need it anymore.
Joystick not working in flight (2007-10-03 18:13) hwtan
I am using 0.72 in Vista. The joystick works in menu and preflight screens but not in flight. Calibrating the joystick in flight does nothing. There is no spinning though. The joystick button is detected but not the axis. Any help?
controls (2007-08-09 11:36) Gullage
I should mention that I am having this problem when I try to install the game on windows vista. On XP i was able to get the game running but with a very small screen. Also I am having the same problem as the user known as Peacher. When I attempt to fly within the cockpit my character just looks around. Can anyone help me with either of these problems? preacher?
failure to install (2007-08-09 10:43) Gullage
I'm having a small problem with strike commander. I am using dosbox .70 and when I try to install the game it says "could not copy files from cd to hard drive." Can anyone tell me why? Or what I have to do to solve this problem.
Joystick (2007-03-10 11:04) hawk83
Now strike commander finally works, but I am having joystick problems.(I have a Logitech extreme 3d pro). I have tried several times to calibrate the joystick in the game, but it doesn’t change. The plane keeps rolling around like the joystick is totally uncalibrated. How do I fix it??
How I got the CD version running. (2006-11-16 07:28) Neville
1) Mount the CD drive / image under DOSBox.

2) Execute INSTALL.

3) Say "No" when asked if you want to install additional files.

4) Once installed, go to the game folder.

Then switch to your CD unit and type "copy *.* c:". This will copy ALL CD files into your harddisk, and takes around 150 megs of disk space. However, this means you got all game files, including audio and cutscenes into your game folder, and you won't ever need the CD again.

5) As for DOSBox, I finally got the game running after selecting "Full" CPU emulation (not "Dynamic") and switching off EMS emulation.

The game works fine at about 20,000 cycles or even less if you switch off some detail.

If you think the game is sloppy, remember that in its day a 486 had slowdowns with this one. I can remember it working at full speed on a Pentium 1 computer only.
Strike Commander CD - Unusual AI behaviour (2006-05-10 16:47) VR7
Using DOSbox 0.65, runs perfectly during gameplay when setting a dynamic core with autocycling in the DOSbox conf, although the game speed is faster than usual. Even if you managed to obtain the proper game speed, however, the AI will do some very bizarre things regardless of difficulty setting, such as committing suicide, (dying for no discernable reason) slamming into the ground from high altitude, or reacting extremely quickly to any missiles fired at them, (firing very thick amounts of flares) etc.. This last one might be just me though, but I don't recall them firing that many flares just to evade a missile.

Outside the game, cutscenes are a bit choppy.
S.C. Floppy Install - no sc.exe after installation (2006-02-28 05:18) pendrago
I installed the game and when it was close to the end of the 8'th disk the installation screen goes black. What files are on the 8'th disk? Did someone install the game from floppy and had a successful installation? Could someone possibly send me them to my email?
I would be very grateful!!! TIA!
Strike Commander CD (2006-02-24 08:01) ZakMcKracken
CD version works ok even without CD when precopied and installed via subst.
almost very playable with 2ghz and good cycles setting
command (2006-02-06 07:43) jacekmalina
i use d-fend v2, and i cant run it. When i run 'strike.exe' dosbox shows me that i have to type command 'SC'. When i type it - nothing happends. help!
No SC.exe after installation (2005-12-31 23:13) Billy
Someone Please help me.
After installation DOSBox freezes and goes blank. I have windows XP SP 2 so I cannot even edit Config.sys.
If Someone has got SC.exe and other files from Disk 8 Please email them to me on
THank You in Advance
controls (2005-11-07 09:31) Preacher
The game is working beautifully with ems=false but when im on the cockpit trying to fly I just look around the cockpit instead of moving the plane can someone help plz??
Joystick doesen't calibrate. (2005-08-21 06:23) Toni
Otherwise seems to work fine, but gives calibration error with a gameport joystick.
Re: No SC.EXE after install (2005-02-16 19:41) Jazar
I'm having the same problem trying to install the game from the discs but I found this in the readme file:

On some computers such as the IBM Valuepoint and a number of Packard Bells, the Strike Commander installation map try to use a region of upper memory that is already occupied. This will cause Disk #8 to hang up as it approaches the Terrain Map Generation. To remedy this, we recommend that you create a boot disk using the instructions within the Strike Commander Install Guide. Use the following configuration for your CONFIG.SYS


Sounds like this might be the issue. I don't know how to solve it though. Don't think DOSBox supports bootdisks or config.sys files.
No SC.EXE after install (2005-02-14 09:47) raz
Hey there. I - too - do not seem to have the SC.EXE file. The installation screen goes black, leaving me with no other option than to quit DOSBox and restart it. Could someone send SC.EXE to me, perhaps via e-mail or MSN or something? My e-mail/MSN is
correction (2005-02-11 00:37) specialsymbol
at the slightes movement, not and.
And my specs are:
Centrino 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

Before setting EMS=false and XMS=true I got the ""Protected Mode Driver is not responding to EMS function calls, make sure your EMS driver is not configured with NOEMS option, If it is, replace NOEMS with RAM."-error.
So I changed EMS=true to false and XMS=false to true.

After that I got a new error: "BIGTRE.TRE not found. You've won this time.." It also possibly said something like "refer to the installation guide".

Then I copied all the files from the SC directory on the CD into my game directory. Now it works.
How to get it running (2005-02-11 00:26) specialsymbol
OK, I got the same problem as the guy from Peru.
My solution was:
I set EMS=false, XMS=true.
That's all.
Then you have to copy all the files from the SC-CD out of the directory SC to the directory you installed the game.
Now it should run smooth. No problems yet at the cutscenes, nor at flying, except one glitch:
The mouse is too fast as an input device for flying. It just throws the plane around and the slightest movement.
I scaled down from 12.000 to 8.000 cycles, but it doesn't look like it helps.
I try to fly by keyboard now.

If anyone can solve this- please post!
Help dudes (2005-01-02 18:02) Aku
i have the same problem as Piston. '''"Protected Mode Driver is not responding to EMS function calls, make sure your EMS driver is not configured with NOEMS option, If it is, replace NOEMS with RAM''' how should i go about it? i have tired the EMS=false but that doesnt even work. i have tried installing through the dos 0.63 , the game but it gives an error saying '''one of the configuration files either cud not b located, or cud not b created''' so wht solutions cud b possible for these probs ? cheers
dosbox 0.62 with D-Fend v2 (build 31) (2004-10-07 06:27) LanA
Just installed the cd version of this fine game through dosbox and it works like a charm!!
Excellent sound quality, smooth game play. Now you can aim precisely with the vulcan :-).
Main specs:
AMD XP 2800+, Abit NF7-S v2, Audigy 2, 1GB ram, Radeon 9800 pro, Win XP SP2

Thank you so much for dosbox 0.62!!!!!
HELP (2004-07-07 21:29) Piston
Hello! im an user from PERU and i cant speak english very well, I tried to run this game under Windows XP plataform, but I dont have any result, when I mount the game directory "c:\SC" and type SCCD, I got this message: "Protected Mode Driver is not responding to EMS function calls, make sure your EMS driver is not configured with NOEMS option, If it is, replace NOEMS with RAM...I need help, y already installed the game, but i cant Run it
Full-screen crash (2004-06-02 18:03) MarkG
Oh, but I can't get it to run fullscreen: it produces some error complaining about an illegal or invalid callback... only runs for me in a window.
Check your sound config (2004-06-02 17:36) MarkG
After setting ems=false I had the problem with the program getting a black/corrupt screen and closing immediately on startup, and turns out that the default IRQ for the soundblaster in Strike Commander is 5, whereas it's 7 in the .conf file. Running INSTALL.EXE and changing the setting to 7 got me further into the game, but it's still slow and still unreliable.

Hope this does work one day, this was one of my all-time favorite games.
more strike.exe (2004-04-26 14:37) rune
I'm experiencing the same as Yan above. As he says: "After installing file strike.exe the DOSBox freezes and is all black. there is no sc.exe file after this install." Same think here. I install from floppies and I have no SC.EXE on either of these. Any tips on how I can get the game installed?
SCCD unfinishable (2004-04-06 13:49) Scrap
As an added note, the game consistently freezes during one of the early cutscenes (when the player and Tex are having a discussion in the commo room). This is about ~4-5 missions into the game, thus the game cannot be completed.
Some tweak tips (2004-04-02 01:22) Scrap
6000-6500 cycles seems to be the 'sweet spot' for the 'gameflow' sections (conversations, moving around the base, so on). I scale up to 12000 during flight (actual game engine). There is a lot of sound stuttering in flight, of course, but the actual game is playable, and to my recollection, runs slightly worse than it did on my 486/DX2-50 back in the day. Running on Athlon XP1800+. This is using the latest CVS build.
A little Help - SCCD Not Running (Part 2) (2004-03-22 12:32) The Punisher
I got it running now. However, the frame rate is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY slow.....any workaround for this???

A little Help - SCCD Not Running (2004-03-21 15:42) The Punisher
I have SC on CD nd it doesn't want to run. I set ems=false and it tries to start and then DosBox closes.
Specs: WinXP Pro, SB Live 5.1, GForce 2, 512MB of RAM

Any ideas???? Anyone with it running can send me their config files???

strike.exe (2004-03-16 10:30) Yan
After installing file strike.exe the DOSBox freezes and is all black. there is no sc.exe file after this install.
Works in V0.61 (2004-03-07 15:58) Crazy Kong
You have to set ems=false to get the game running. The game will be playable but ther are still some issues with pagefaults.
Not VCPI compliant (2003-10-19 14:46) rune
Install.exe complains about the EMS driver currently installed is not VCPI compliant. Won't install.
Note: (2003-04-20 14:22) Confuzor
DOSBox quits immediately upon starting install.exe or sc.exe

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