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Day of the Tentacle (cdrom talkie) - LucasArts (1993)
Tested By: anti

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.73 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (broken)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
80% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (supported)

Adventure, good graphicic with voices - Supported (2016-03-30 21:10) ge2001
Works fine, i copy the content of the "DOTT" folder from the CD to the game folder. Also the file "DOTT.EXE" from the CD root folder which works as the setup program.

Test period: 15 Minutes
Win 7-64 Home Premium
Intel i5 M430, 4GB RAM
AMD Mobility RADEON HD 5000 Series (5650)
D-Fend and DOSBox 0.74

0.74 - Read this if you are not getting any voices! (2010-05-17 04:56) Counterstrike
If you are not getting any voices on the talkie version of Day of the Tentacle then reduce your "cycles" to 10,000 or lower. My default "cycles" is set to 20,000 and it took me an hour of fiddling around with my configuration to find the solution.
es läuft aber langsam (2010-03-29 15:56) DotTer
dosbox 0.73 (unter Linux) läuft eigentlich gut aber
lieder zu langsam die stimmen kann man nicht erkennen :(
ich habe aber warscheinlich zu ´wenig system speicher :(
P.S. (2010-03-27 01:39) Mequa
P.S. VDMSound, as well as running DOTT well with full audio (using NTVDM, Microsoft's Windows NT Virtual DOS Machine), is also compatible with the original DOS savestates (including those saved in DOSBox) in DOTT and many similar games.
Unfortunately, it only works on Windows XP/2000 32-bit edition (thank you Microsoft!)

Other virtual machines (MS Virtual PC, VMWare, etc.) have serious problems running DOTT. The audio timing is thrown off on fast CPUs, even with LucasArts' latest DOTT patches (something VDMSound patched, perhaps also DOSBox as it used VDMSound's source - although DOSBox can easily emulate a slower CPU).
Day of the Tentacle (2010-03-27 01:19) Mequa
Works fine under DOSBox 0.73, including the Maniac Mansion sub-game on Ed's computer - which is not as yet playable in-game in ScummVM (or with VDMSound on XP/2000 32-bit, both of which otherwise run DOTT well).

Currently the only way to play DOTT including Maniac Mansion on Ed's computer on a modern PC is to use DOSBox. (On ScummVM, Maniac Mansion has to be started as a separate game.)

ScummVM running DOTT is much faster, however, with greatly improved load times over the original DOS version, and is much less CPU-intensive - which makes it much better suited for lower-spec PCs and portable laptops on battery than DOSBox.

You can easily use the same install of DOTT (copied over from the CD) in both DOSBox and ScummVM on the same PC, although save states are not compatible between the two.

Only DOSBox will provide compatibility with the original DOS version's savestates. ScummVM uses its own format.
Completed in v0.70 (2007-05-13 12:03) Squeaks
I also just completed the game on a P4 2.8GHz with the contents installed on the hard drive. Game ran perfectly with little or no adjustment, although I have played this game many times and just went straight to the ending. Hard drive installation took about 268MB.
Works under 0.70 (2007-04-24 23:21) SteveP
I have it installed on my hard drive, and it works perfectly with Dosbox 0.70.
RE: ScummVM (2005-12-07 11:07) Matchschtick
I have to agree with the previous poster. Along with Quick & Easy frontend, ScummVM takes the cake on this game.
Running & Playing DOTT (2005-09-16 14:09) Tiit_Helimut
When I tried to run and play this game from the disc, it worked fine until I tried to save, producing the error "Save failed (disc full?)" due to the "read only" property of the CD.
Simple way around this is to copy the contents of the disc to a folder on the HD (e.g. C:\DOTT\) and run through DOSBox from this folder. This way the game doesn't need the CD, so no complications, and since the HD isn't "read only" you can save your games.

Have tried ScummVM but doesn't work very well (for me anyway).
day of tentacle (2005-01-28 04:22) susi
was für ein programm muß ich runterladen damit ich das spiel spielen kann?
ScummVM (2003-10-11 15:33) sipsick
You can probably play DOTT better with ScummVM (, because it doesn't emulate DOS, but rather just runs the game files natively. Therefore, among other things, it's faster.

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