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DOSBox FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is DOSBox?
    It is a PC emulator with builtin DOS for running DOS Games primarily. For more information, visit the Information page.
Game X doesn't Run? DOSBox crashes out with some EXIT:CPU:Opcode blah Unhandled message.
    The CPU emulation encountered an instruction it doesn't emulate yet or and illegal instruction.
    This can mean the game uses some advanced CPU functions not emulated yet or something goes wrong and non-code gets executed.
    All in all nothing you can do anything about but wait for a newer version.
The game doesn't detect the soundbaster.
    Does the game have some setup/soundset/install or similar tool to setup your sound? Use that.
    The default settings for the soundblaster are, port 220, irq 7, dma 1.
    Some games may also require you to slow down cpu emulation to detect the sound blaster correctly.
Will DOSBox be open source? Does Duke Nukem 3D Run?
    Yes, but remember that you are emulating a full PC when selecting graphics and other options.
    It might run not as fast as you had hoped.
Where might i ask questions regarding DOSBox ?
    You may ask your questions in our IRC channel, connect to the IRC server and join the channel #DOSBox, but please check our Forum first your question may already be answered there.

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