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This article is about Command Line inside DOSBox. For DOSBox Command Line Parameters, see Usage.

Passing arguments to BAT file does not work exactly the same in DOSBox as is does in other environments (like Win98). Consider the following file (TEST.BAT)

echo -%1- 0%10 1%11 2%12

On Win98, TEST.BAT 99 produces:

-99- 0990 1991 2992

Whereas DOSbox 0.70 produces:

-99- 0990 1 2

A work-around is to change TEST.BAT to:

SET X=%1
echo -%X%- 0%X%0 1%X%1 2%X%2

This coding style has the added benefit of allowing order of arguments to be changed at some future time without major impact on your script.


Please note that you will rarely encounter this problem (dosbox parses %11 as then eleventh parameter) This has been repaired in the SVN of dosbox. Please submit a bug report next time.