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I've already transfered the Basic Setup and Installation of DosBox to this. With some URL rewriting and other tricks I managed to convert the old link to this one. So the old URL should redirect to new one once the thing is transfered. -Qbix

The old Wiki stuff can be found at:

I noticed that the typewriter font must now be set using the html tag <tt> instead of the triple back quote

Style of Wiki entries

Command Prompts

When typing in DOS commands use the <code><pre>This is an example</pre></code> syntax. Also be sure to type everything in UPPERCASE (this is consistant with the original documentation that came with MS-DOS as well as other DOS versions.

This is an example

Game and Application articles

MediaWiki Information

This Wiki is powered by MediaWiki (the same engine that powers the Wikipedia project). Some features that are avaible in Wikipedia are not available here (like thumbnail generation or #IF and #ELSE commands) but for the most part, this Wiki follows the same syntax provides the same functionality that you can find in Wikipedia.