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Desktop shortcuts allow you to give old DOS Games the point and click simplicity of regular Windows programs. Because DOSBox is an emulated environment that runs inside a host Operating System, simply double clicking on the DOS application inside the file manager will most likely attempt to execute the DOS application in the native environment.


It is possible to create a shortcut that allows you to run a program with DOSBox without doing any typing at the command prompt! All you have to do is make a new, blank, text file. Rename it to the name of the program you want to run, and change the file extension to a new, unused file extension. For example, if I want to run a program called "BestGame.exe," I would create a blank file and call it "," where *.xyz is not a registered file type on the computer. Place the blank *.xyz file in the same directory as BestGame.exe. Then, set *.xyz files to always open with DOSBox. Make a new, blank *.xyz file for every program you want to open with DOSBox. You could even make shortcuts to a single directory so you don't have to browse for different games!