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Q. Does DOSBox support non QWERTY keyboard layouts and will it have the KEYB command?

A. It already does. Since 0.70

Q. My game/application runs slowly, how do I improve speed?

A. Increase cycles. Use core=dynamic. Try different output modes (e.g. output=overlay). Increase Frameskip.

Q. My backslash key is mapped to ']' with DOSBox in Vista. Is there a workaround?

Q. How do you print out of the DOS Box? Can you use the program's print to a parallel or serial printer?

A. If your application can print to a file, you can redirect the file to a printer. On Windows at a command prompt or at the Run option, you can use copy /b filepath_and_name to send a file to a printer. If the application can print in Postscript format, utilities like Ghostscript/Ghostview can be used to send the file to the printer. Windows (and possibly Wine) users could probably automate the process using a tool like AutoHotkey at If anyone comes up with any scripts for this, please share them. Also, a printing option for DOSBox is mentioned here:

Q. My cursor is trapped within the DOSBox window in Linux when I click inside. How do I get the cursor out?