Frontend Comparison

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Name Programming Language Source Code Active Portable Multi Platform Notes
DBGL Java Yes Yes Yes Yes
D-Box Java Yes No No No
DBoxFE C++ (QT) Yes No No Yes
DOSBoxGui Python No No No Yes Download link is broken
GR-Lida C++ (QT) Yes Yes No Yes
CBoxRun .Net No No Yes No
DBFrontend Delphi Yes No No No Run in Windows 98 Compatibility
D-Fend Reloaded Delphi Yes Yes Yes No
D.O.G Delphi No No No No
DosBlaster .Net Yes Yes No No
DOS Shell .Net No No Yes No
Old Games Launcher .Net Yes No No No
ScudoGR No No No No Website is down
Turbo Dos Box .Net No No No No
LaunchBox .Net Yes No Yes Yes
Boxer Object C Yes Yes No No
Petit DOSBox Object C No No No No
pyDOSBox Python Yes No No No
D-Fend No No No No
DOSBOXer No No No No
Radnor No No No No