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Archimedian dynasty works quite well with DOSBox version 0.72 / Ubuntu 8.10.

What works: Most of the game.

What does not work: The only thing that I found does not work is the display of the ship in the repair dock.

There is a major annoyance though: the mouse is awfully slow. There is a workaround:

You can fix the issue by running the program with the Mosue2kv tool found at

1. Download the executable and copy it in the directory where AD.exe resides.

2. Run the game with MOUSE2KV.EXE 640 480 8 8 AD.EXE

Another thing: the cursor keys were mis-mapped when I ran the game. Hit ctrl+f1 to remap these (click on the key, click on del, then add then hit the cursor key).

There is another thread on AD which deals with SVGA and sound, if you have problems with that: