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Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Developer Westwood Studios
Publisher Virgin Interactive
Released 1996
Status Supported
Tested on 0.74
Tested game version Unknown
Links Compatibility List
Executable Unknown
Installer N/A
Setup N/A
DOS Extender
DOS4GW.EXE Unknown
Works with DOS32A N/A

Command & Conquer: Red Alert is a real-time strategy computer game.

Making it work

Red Alert runs just fine in DOSBox. You can download the ISOs for the game from EA (who bought out Westwood in 2002 or 2003). See the news article for more information.

You should mount both ISOs at one time, and then switch with CTRL-F4 when the game asks you. For example, I've got these two commands in my AUTOEXEC:

MOUNT c ~/emulators/dos
IMGMOUNT d ~/emulators/CD1_ALLIED_DISC.ISO ~/emulators/CD2_SOVIET_DISC.ISO -t iso -fs iso

If you require support for general issues, see the performance guide and FAQ.

Command & Conquer: The First Decade

The DOS version works under DOSBox, but the Windows version may be preferable.

A Vista-compatible version is included in EA's Command & Conquer: The First Decade. However, it has a several minor and major issues out of the box. A guide to these issues and how to fix them may be read here.

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