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Title Screen
Developer Parallax Software
Publisher Interplay Productions
Released March 1995
Status Perfect
Tested on 0.74
Tested game version Unknown
Links Compatibility List
Executable DESCENT.BAT
Installer SETUP.EXE
DOS Extender
Works with DOS32A N/A

Descent is a 3D first-person shooter game where you control a spacecraft through a number of off-world mines. Descent was one of the first PC games to incorporate a fully 3D engine.

Both Descent 1 and 2 may be purchased through Good Old Games (GOG) for only $5.99 USD.

Source Ports

Descent is open-source, and therefore, there are several user-made engines that make use of compatibility and performance capabilities of modern computers. It is recommended to run descent on one of these engines rather than DOSBox, to take advantage of the modern capabilities of today's computers. There are currently two active projects:

  • DXX-Rebirth - Recommended, due to stability and performance.
  • D2X-XL - A more system-demanding engine that allows for greater graphical enhancements, however, I have found it to be very resource demanding and relatively unstable, as well as harder to install.


This game has been tested on the environments listed below:

  • 18 June 2008 by HB:
Tested on Fedora 9, with repository RPM: dosbox.i386 0.72-4.fc9.
Works fine with sound, and music.
  • 29 May 2010 by NaSH:
Tested on Ubuntu 10.04, with dosbox 0.74 compiled from source (make & checkinstall)
auto dectect sound didn't work in setup. used soudblaster 16/awe32 for digital music + sb/pro16 for midi
then works fine with sound, and music.

External links

Descent 1+2 at Good Old Games (GOG)