GAMES:I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

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You must mount the root of your hdd, so the directory that Scream thinks it was installed to is the same as where DOSBox tells Scream it's being run from. It'll give you a "Can't open music resource file" error or similar, otherwise.

On setup, I installed it to the default C:\SCREAM\. For sound config:

   MIDI music: Creative Labs Sound Blaster(TM) 16
Digital audio: Creative Labs Sound Blaster or 100% compatible

To play, I launched DOSBox and entered these commands:

Z:\>mount c c:\

This is the only way I could get it working. So, it's not a DOSBox problem; the game was just coded funny, I guess.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten it to work this way on XP with directX 9 using dosbox. When I try, the window flashes quickly (regular dosbox window with the commands I've just typed, plus copyright text and such) until I press a button. The window fades to black and back to the window again, where it continues to flash, albeit more slowly.