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Both floppy and CD-ROM versions work in DOSBox 0.74. Some extra steps are required to get the digital audio on the CD-ROM version to work.

The SoundBlaster driver from the CD-ROM version of the game will not initialize if a CD-ROM drive has not been mounted with low level support. Also, the GOSiERRA SoundBlaster patcher will not work with this driver. The SB driver from Mixed-up Mother Goose SCI1 Enhanced CD-ROM (not the later SCI32 version Mixed-up Mother Goose Deluxe), AUDBLASX.DRV, can be exchanged for the AUDBLAST.DRV that shipped with the Jones CD. Either rename the driver or adjust it in the RESOURCE.CFG. The GOSiERRA SoundBlaster patcher does not work with this driver, either, so the game will have to be started with no more than 5000 to 6000 cycles, normal core.

The SHP installer allows for full hard drive instillation and includes a manually patched SB driver that does not require the CD to be mounted nor does it have to have the cycles set so low. It works with both floppy and CD versions.