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Installing the Game

With CD

Mount your drives like you normally would when running any DOS game. Now, decide if you want to run the game in Windows, or in DOS.

If you're planning to use Windows, you're going to need the patch files to update the game. The 2.0 to 2.0a patch is here: [1], and the 2.0a patch is here: [2]. After you get that all installed, simply run the 'setup.exe' and the rest should be cake. If you get the "Cannot find 999.pal resource" error, make sure the game is looking in the right place for your CD drive. A quick look into the 'resource.win' file should do the trick.

For those of use planning to install the DOS version of the game, use the install.bat file and follow the instructions from there. By any chance you run into the same problem I did, where the directory field for installation was blank, just type in 'SIERRA'.

Note: I had an insane amount of trouble with the Windows install. I found it much easier just to go through DOS. If you're determined enough to use the Windows version though, there are plenty of resources on the internet on how to get it running properly.


Without CD

If you're like me, and don't have immediate access to the disks, if your disks are damaged, or if you simply don't feel like dealing with them, there is hope. Take all of the Lighthouse files, duplicate them and keep them in two folders. I named mine 'LightHouse', and 'LightHouse2' just to keep it simple. Drop them into whatever drive you can find and remember easily. I used my C: drive just because. Make sure they are in two different places! If you put them into the same folder, the game will throw the "Cannot find 999.pal resource" error no matter what you do.

Now, the reason I had you save the files into two folders is because we're going to mount each one differently. Mount your main drive (mine is C:) as you usually would, that step doesn't change. Now, take that second folder and mount it as a CD-ROM drive. To do this you need to type '-t cdrom' after the normal mounting command. Next, go into the drive you declared the CD drive, and type install. This will automatically select the 'install.bat' file to run the DOS Installation.

The process should look something like this (with your file names):


Alright that should be it. Happy playing!