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Tested on: iBook G4 1.33GHz Single core, 1.5GB RAM, MacOS 10.4.11 DOSBox version: 0.72

It works, but it's quite slow (10 FPS), and has some troubles with the sound card emulation. It's hardly playable, but still works.

Tested on: Dell Pentium 4 CPU 2.53 Ghz - 512 MB RAM - Windows XP Home SP2 DOSBox version: 0.72

Floppy version (without sound and movies) works fine. No special configuaration needed. CD version (IMGMOUNT) works fine although a bit slow in between scenes. Sound needs to be configured as explained in MagicBall DosBox Guide:

Music Sound Card Configuration: "Sound Blaster Pro 1 (OPL2)", "220"
FX Sound Card Configuration: "Sound Blaster Pro 1", "220", "7", "1"
Speech Configuration: "Keep Speech Files on Hard Disk - YES"

VOX files need to be copied manually from cd (or IMGMOUNT) to harddisk first.

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