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GAME Loom Title.png
Title Screen
Developer Lucasfilm Games
Publisher Lucasfilm Games
Released 1990
Status Supported
Tested on 0.74
Tested game version Unknown
Links Compatibility List
Installer N/A
DOS Extender
DOS4GW.EXE Unknown
Works with DOS32A N/A

Loom is a graphical adventure game.

Making it work

Loom is supported by ScummVM which may be preferable to emulating through DOSBox. ScummVM needs a folder containing the *.LFL files and the file DISK01.LEC copied from the disc.

The CD-ROM version uses redbook audio for music. ScummVM can play *.ogg files extracted from the disc tracks as described in its documentation.

If you require support for general issues, see the performance guide and FAQ.

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