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Quake is id's follow-up to the Doom series and one of the first shooters to use true 3D gameplay without any of the restrictions found in Doom and similar games.

Steam buyers beware - the version sold through Steam does not include any music.

Source ports

Quake is open source, and a number of modern ports exist. One of the best is DarkPlaces, and it's far better than trying to emulate the DOS version.

You must copy the "id" folder from a Quake installation into the DarkPlaces folder in order for it to be playable.

Music is in redbook (standard audio CD) form. To make it work in DarkPlaces, you must either insert the Quake disc into your lowest-lettered CD-ROM drive, or extract *.ogg files from the CD's audio tracks and put them into the id1 folder in the manner described in the DarkPlaces documentation.

To make the expansions work, you must also copy the folders "hipnotic" and "rogue". The expansions may then be launched by typing one of these from the command line:

  • darkplaces.exe -hipnotic
  • darkplaces.exe -rogue

The expansions also have their own set of music tracks, which require either the expansion CD in the drive, or extracted *.ogg files in the respective expansion folders as described in the DarkPlaces documentation.

Known problems

DOSBox is emulating more than one sound card, so Quake chooses one: GravisUltraSound (GUS). Unfortunately it seems that this emulated device doesn't work with Quake (in DOSBox 0.72). So if you don't hear any sound simply deactivate GUS and Quake will choose another sound card. To do so either set it in the dosbox.conf to 'false' or type 'config -set "gus gus=false"' on the prompt.