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Installing and Running on a Linux Box

Here's how I got a working installation of Silent Hunter Commander's Edition under Simply Mepis 8.

1. Install dosbox from the command line: aptitude install dosbox

2. Create a directory in the home drive to act as the root of the dosbox C: drive. Mine was named dosgames.

3. Put the Silent Hunter CD in the CD-ROM drive and mount it. (I mounted mine by clicking on it in the Linux file browser, then ran the mount command to see where it mounted: in my case, /media/cdrom.)

4. In a terminal, start dosbox by running the command: dosbox -fullscreen

At the dosbox prompt:

5. Mount the dosbox C: drive by running mount c ~/dosgames (or the name of the directory you created in step 2).

6. Mount the CD-ROM drive by running mount d /media/cdrom -t cdrom (substituting your mount point for /media/cdrom).

7. Change to the D: drive.

8. Run install and follow the prompts to install the game. To run the game without the CD, choose the option to install all the files on the hard drive. I went with the defaults for the sound card--and everthing else, for that matter. Return to the dosbox prompt when the install is complete.

9. To be able to run the game without the CD present, move to the C: drive and make a new subdirectory named BUD under C:\SILENT. Then change directories to BUD and copy all the files with .SMK extension from the CD to it:

copy D:\SH\BUD\*.SMK.

10. Type exit to return to the Linux terminal.

In Linux:

11. Edit the file C:\SILENT\ShPath.ini. Change the line for BUD so it reads:


12. That does it. Remove the CD from the drive.

To run the game, start a new dosbox session, map the C: drive as before, then navigate to C:\SILENT and type sh at the prompt. Good hunting!