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Works in DOSBox, but system requirements are very high. A Core 2 Duo is recommended for running the enhanced CD-ROM version in high resolution VESA mode.


As of DOSBox 0.74, you may encounter some problems (e.g. freezing) when you run ORIGIN.BAT to install the game from the CD as per the instructions. If this is the case, simply running INSTALO.BAT in the same directory should work.

You can improve performance and eliminate the need to have the disc mounted during play by copying the contents of the CD to the hard drive:

  1. Copy the CDROM directory from the CD into the directory where you installed the game (in this example C:\games\sshock)
  2. In the install directory, edit the CYB.CFG file and change the line that reads:

    cd_data_dir_path D:\cdrom\data

    to read:

    cd_data_dir_path C:\games\sshock\cdrom\data

  3. Also in the install directory, edit the CDSHOCK.BAT file and change the line that reads:


    to read:


  4. If you want to play the original (non-CD) version of the game, you will have to edit SSHOCK.BAT similarly.

Now you should be able to play sans the CD, and the game won't hitch every time you play a log or email.