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The 7th Guest works without apparent bugs under DOSBox 0.72. You may find the default CPU speed to be too slow. Graphics, in-game music, and sound effects work fine.

It should be noted that the game can also be made to install and run under Windows XP directly with some compatibility options, but the in-game MIDI music will not play. Vista lacks the virtual machine XP uses, and therefore will not run The 7th Guest at all (without DOSBox, that is).

CD-ROM issues

The game will install and run with these CD-ROM options:

mount d drive:\ -t cdrom

You may need to change some options to make the music during the title sequence and credits work. The 7th Guest is extremely CD-ROM intensive, and will have noticeable loading times no matter what you do if you run it directly from disc. It will run much faster if you make an image of the disc or copy its contents to a directory on your hard drive. For example:

mount d: c:\whatever\t7gdisc1.iso -t iso


mount d: c:\whatever\t7gdisc2directory