GAMES:The Secret of Monkey Island

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  • Tested on Windows XP SP2 with DOSBox 0.72 - Athlon 3000+

Both versions (VGA and EGA) worked fine. Mouse and sound 100% accurate. no speed problems at 3000.

Monkey Island is supported by ScummVM which may be preferable to emulating through DOSBox. ScummVM needs a folder containing certain files copied from the disc/disks, depending on which version you have.

Floppy version:

  • *.LEC
  • *.LFL

Enhanced CD-ROM #1:

  • MONKEY.000
  • MONKEY.001

Enhanced CD-ROM #2:

  • MONKEY1.000
  • MONKEY1.001

Both CD-ROM versions use redbook audio for music. ScummVM can play *.ogg files extracted from the disc tracks as described in its documentation.