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Works under Dosbox0.72 in Ubuntu 9.04, but with some issues which are described below.

Game description can be found on these sites:


Because of hardware keyboard limitations, multiple keypresses are a problem in all games.

The theory is here: Some more info:

To workaround in Threat, use modifier keys, such as ctrl and shift for the player controls. An example key mapping is:


Function Key
forward '/?' key
backward ';' key
left right ctrl
right right shift


Function Key
forward caps lock
backward left shift
left left ctrl
right left alt

Also, dosbox doesnt seem to properly recognise the IBM z60t keyboard, at least under Ubuntu, so with CTRL-F1, must remap other keys (such as scrlck, F10,F11,F12) to the arrow keys.


Using Soundblaster1, sound works, but have noticeable lag, and is choppy.