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Bold text... PLEASE EDIT ...


Somebody please edit this page and give full details on how to use "psp dosbox" IE:- Making HDD images & mounting them & the reasions for doing so... How to convert games, install games & programs & reasions for doing so... Booting "PSPdosbox" is hard enough, please give details on how to boot "PSPdosbox" for others that dont know & have simply deleted "PSPdosbox" because they think it dont work...

"PSPdosbox" has zero help & renders the program useless, all you can do with "PSPdosbox" is brag to your mates you have windows 98 on your PSP! as soon as your mate askes for a Demo, you look the biggest fanny alive bacause all you have is a clean windows98 with nothing installed... please tell us how to instll your own games & programs...

Most PSP homebrewers out there like the idea of "PSPdosbox" because its possible to run low-power PC programs & play old point-n-click low-power PC games on the PSP, but eveyone thinks the "PSPdosbox" its broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is very little help & if there is help it makes zero sence!!!

If you know how to use "PSPdosbox",convert & install PC games for "PSPdosbox", then please edit this page with full step-by-step details or something, even if it means learning how to use the "PCdosbox" 1st, please let us know how you got PC games & programs working...

My intentions are to run a PC game called "GLOBAL POWER" on the PSP. Its from the year 2004 but it uses a old-skool game engin & is a very basic point-n-click PC game. The System Requirements are:- Windows 98/ME/2000 Pentium 200 or higher 64MB of RAM 1MB Graphics Card 300MB of Free Space

even if this game doesnt work, there are others

Sept 2010.

Curses. I just spent half an hour writing a quick guide for beginners and when I tried to save it crashed. Well here is a 15 minute guide anyway. I got DOSBox running after downloading the version with the Navigator and Dosbox INCLUDED with it (Meaning you only need this download) (Made by BorgQueenX and Murdock) here.

I found Murdock's guide, which is very helpful, link:

To install DOSBox, unrar the download you just got and put it into your PSP's root directory. That is to say, just the drive (X:/)Removable Drive, etc.

Then you can run DOSBox from the PSP's menu under Games, as with other Homebrew. If your version is working DOSbox will have an icon and a background. Launch that, and if it works you get a nicely laid out Navigator window where you can move with the mouse and click left/right with the triggers.

A few notes I found helpful. Dosbox automatically mounts *X:\dosbox as C:\. So if you install a game to believe it is in C:\Games\_Game_, it is really in *X:\dosbox\Games\_Game_

  • is your PSP drive letter.

Batch files help you mount drives such as CD-Rom and floppy, Image files, etc. Read about that in Murdock's guide.

Num-pad symbol for mapping is n# You can map over the trigger buttons, but I'm not sure how to re-map mouse keys.

I hope someone can expand on this or give us a better understanding of keymapping. I also want to thank CrazyC for doing this, and I'd love to see more.