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QNX 2.15C is an extraordinary microkernel-based vintage operating system for personal computers with 8086-compatible CPU. Tested on Ubuntu host, DOSBox version 0.74, a turnkey 10 MB harddisk image installed with real mode kernel and bios int13h disk driver.

Configuration file

The file has dual syntax. It can be invoked as a *NIX shellscript from your favourite shell, or as a bare dosbox configuration file. Explanation of the tricky parts of the code:

  • in the remarks, there is a "*.flo" floppy image creation that contains only the harddisk image's MBR in order to (chain)boot
  • imgmount harddisk image as "raw"
  • cputype is set to 386_slow, cycles were set to 2000 after experimenting a while
# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
# You can put your MOUNT lines here.
# dd if=10mbqnx2.img count=1 | dd conv=sync of=10mbqnx2.flo bs=1440k count=1
: ; dosbox -conf "$0" ; exit $?
mount e .
imgmount 2 10mbqnx2.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,17,4,306
boot 10mbqnx2.flo

Known pitfalls

Under OS X Leopard/PPC, vanilla DOSBox destroys the guest login shell shortly after booting the image regardless to guest cpu type settings.