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Software emulation of MT-32/General Midi

I added a couple of links to a short article about software emulators/synthesizers of the Roland mt-32 and General Midi devices, as I didn't find any data on it in the Wiki.

Timidity ? fluidsynth ?

Additional info on the DOSBox Disney implementation

Since version 0.73 the Disney device is actually about four devices in one. The type needed by the game is figured out by looking at how it controls the port.

- Disney device: FIFO-buffer with DAC and a fixed sampling rate of 7KHz.

- COVOX/R2R-DAC: Simple converter directly connected to the parallel port data lines.

- Latched mono DAC

- Stereo-in-one-DACs: Stereo playback on one port. Used by some demos.

Adlib card is possible

With sbtype=none, you can still specify an oplmode which will be your Adlib card.

--H-a-l-9000 22:54, 2 December 2009 (UTC)