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This is not the current release

(previous release) | (next release)


  • rewrote memory system for future paging support
  • fixed several EMS and XMS bugs and rewrite for new memory system
  • added some support for tandy video modes
  • added MAME Tandy 3 voice emulation
  • added MAME CMS/GameBlaster emulation
  • added serial port emulation with virtual tcp/ip modem (somewhat buggy)
  • sound blaster emulation is now sb pro 2.0 compatible
  • added basic support for 32-bit protected mode
  • VGA now tries to emulate an S3 Trio 64 card with 2 MB
  • VESA 2.0 support for some 256 color modes
  • rewrote large piece of video bios code for better compatibility
  • added support for the not inheritance flags.
  • created functions for creating child psp.
  • updated errorcodes of findfirst (thanks Mirek!)
  • rewrote loggingsystem to generate less warnings
  • added dos protected mode interface (dpmi)
  • added cdrom label support
  • improved cdrom audio playing
  • fixed and improved directory cache
  • debugger shows selector- and cpu mode info
  • added SELINFO (selector information) command to debugger
  • added reference counting for dos files
  • added tab-completion
  • added basic fpu support.
  • fixed several bugs with case sensitive filesystems.
  • added more shell commands and improved their behaviour.
  • mouse improvements.
  • real time clock improvements.
  • DMA fixes.
  • Improved .BAT file support.