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This is not the current release

(previous release) | (next release)


  • Improve register handling and support with XMS.
  • Fix some issues with deleting open files.(windows only issue)
  • Add dummy LPT1 class. (windows only issue)
  • Improve some of the internal dos commands. (choice, copy and shift)
  • Improve ROM area. (for games that use it for random numbers or overwrite it as some sort of detection thing)
  • Improve compatibility of dynamic core by making it handle certain pagefaults earlier.
  • Move internal dos tables around so we have more umb memory.
  • Add some dos tables.
  • Dynamic core supports io exceptions.
  • Move some interrupt handlers to XT Bios locations.
  • Add a dynamic fpu on x86.
  • Improve fpu on non-x86.
  • Trapflag gets strict priority over hardware IRQs.
  • Trapflag support for the dynamic core.
  • Add dummy TRx handling.
  • Fix a few rarely used character functions.
  • Improve auto cycle guessing code.
  • Improve and extend the joystick support.
  • Add autofire support.
  • Improve the mapper so you can map keys to the joystick and vice versa.
  • A few game specific video card fixes.
  • Fix some 64 bit cpu bugs.
  • Add support for certain cdrom detection schemes.
  • Improve HSG/Red Book support.
  • Improve MSCDEX.
  • Improve dynamic core support under intel macs.
  • Add basic support for clipper programs.
  • Add support for different keyboard layouts.
  • Add auto core guessing.
  • Fix a few flags bugs.
  • Fix a few small cpu bugs.
  • Improve soundblaster detection rate by various programs.
  • Improve EMS emulation. (allow mapping of non standard regions)
  • Improve keyboard input codes on various OS-es.
  • Fix problems with filenames having stackdata in them.
  • Changed a few basic operations in DOSBox so they take emulated time.
  • Improve dos ioctl functions.
  • Extend cpu core so they are capable of detecting and raising a few more exception types.
  • Improve DOS functions when dealing with virtual drive.
  • Improve FAT drives.
  • Better handling of volume-labels in file functions.
  • Image disk cycling capability. (prompt)
  • Try to reduce the impact of using an analog joystick.
  • Several measures to avoid code invalidation on certain types of self modification in the dynamic core.
  • Add dynamic core memory function inlining.
  • A few small mouse improvements. (some games are using things they shouldn't)
  • Add nullmodem emulation.(h-a-l-9000)
  • Some small cga and hercules fixes.
  • Add more scalers (hq2x/hq3x/sai). (Kronuz)
  • Change configuration file loading support. It now supports multiple configuration files.
  • Make dynamic core capable of running some win32s programs.
  • Fix and add some rare soundblaster modes. (Srecko)
  • Better soundblaster mixer controls. (Srecko)
  • Make soundblaster installation under windows much easier.
  • Add device control channel handling.
  • GEMMIS support (ems under windows).
  • Support more colours in win 3. (vasyl)
  • Don't show unmounted drives in windows filemanager.
  • Fix some bugs in the int13 handler.
  • Simulate some side-effects of bios interrupt handlers on flags.
  • Add IPX functions needed by netbios.
  • Make ports take emulated time.
  • Tabcompletion is now aware of the CD command.
  • Add suppport for the dac pel mask.
  • Fixes to hercules emulation, better detection and bank switching.
  • Fixes to tandy emulation, 640x200x16 mode and different sizes bank.
  • EGA/VGA memory changes detection for faster rendering.
  • Gus 16 bit fixes.
  • Many timer improvements.
  • Some pcjr fixes.
  • Some booter fixes.
  • Many small fixes.