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This is not the current release

(previous release) | (next release)


  • Add a new recompiling cpu core, which should be easier to port.
  • Add 64 bit version of the recompiling core.
  • Add mipsel 32 bit version of the recompiling core.
  • Fix a few small problems with FCBs. (fixes Jewels of darkness and cyrus chess)
  • Raise some more exceptions. (fixes vbdos)
  • Fix a few problems with the dynamic core. (fixes Inner Words, Archmimedean Dynasty and others)
  • Improve/Fix fallback code for certain graphics cards.
  • Fix a few cd audio related bugs.
  • Add an undocumented MSCDEX feature. (Fixes Ultimate Domain)
  • Fix some pcspeaker mode. (fixes Test Drive and similar games)
  • Improve dos keyinput handling. (fixes Wing Commander 3 exit dialog)
  • Remove Exit condition on fully nested mode. (fixes some demo)
  • Add image file size detection.
  • Add/Fix some ansi codes. (fixes PC Larn and certain versions of infocom games)
  • Several general DOS fixes. (fixes nba95, hexit and various other games)
  • Add some valid input checks. (fixes 3d body adventure and similar games)
  • Fix digital joystick centering problem.
  • Reenable textmode 54 and 55.
  • Fix a pelmask problem with univbe 5.0 lite. (fixes Panzer General)
  • Fix minor mixer underflow.
  • Some general image and bios disk emulation fixes.
  • Hopefully fix compilation on BSD and darwin.
  • Try using ioctl cdrom access by default if possible.
  • Fix some svga detection routine. (fixes Grandest Fleet 2 and Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess)
  • You can now close DOSBox using the status window in win32.
  • Add support for NX enabled systems.
  • Fix a casting error which only showed with certain compilers. (fixes various games under mac os x and 64 bit linux)
  • Improve timer and add gate 2 support. (fixes various games and joystick problems)
  • Improve mouse. Add undocumented backdoor. (fixes Last half of Darkness, PC-BLOX and others)
  • Add/improve support for ~ and ~username in all commands.
  • Fix a font problem with the pcjr/tandy. (fixes personal deskmate 2)
  • Change dma routine a bit. (fixes ticks in sound in various games)
  • Allow read-only diskimages to be booted. (fixes various booter games)
  • Add basic hidden file support on cdrom images. (fixes Player Manager 2)
  • Add some rarely used functionality to the int10 mode setup. (fixes WW2 Battles of the South pacific)
  • Add ability to force scaler usage.
  • Speed up flag generation and make it more 386-like.
  • Some colourful feedback in the mapper.
  • General code cleanup.