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The '''AUTOEXEC.BAT''' file is a reference to original MS-DOS systems which would load settings from a file called '''CONFIG.SYS''' (which had to be located in the '''C:\''' path), and then execute any commands found in the '''AUTOEXEC.BAT''' (also in the '''C:\''' path).  Commonly the '''AUTOEXEC.BAT''' file would define the system [[PATH]], load any drivers, and launch [[Software:Windows|Windows]].  Because DOSBox already emulates most of what a '''CONFIG.SYS''', and '''AUTOEXEC.BAT''' would do, there isn't much need to define anything other than your mountable drives.
== A Common AUTOEXEC.BAT ==
@ECHO Starting MS-DOS 6.22...
This '''AUTOEXEC.BAT''' file [[MOUNT|mounts]] a [[CDrive|C drive]] (pointed to the Local-Directory C:\DOSGAMES), changes to that drive (from [[ZDrive|Z:]]), [[Commands#CLS|Clears the Screen]] and prints the message
Starting MS-DOS 6.22...
(The message that MS-DOS printed immediately before loading the '''CONFIG.SYS''' and '''AUTOEXEC.BAT''').

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