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Display the contents of a text-file.


Renames one or more files.
Note: Unlike MS DOS, DOSBox doesn't require the source and target filenames to be in the same folder.


Loads a program into upper memory (requires xms=true,umb=true)


Waits for a keypress and sets ERRORLEVEL. Displays the given prompt followed by [Y,N]? for yes or no respones.
Used for batch scripts in most cases.
CHOICE "Text to ask"


View and set the reported DOS version. Also displays the running DOSBox version.
To set the reported DOS version use the following:
where MAJOR is the number before the period, and MINOR is what comes after.
Versions can range from 0.0 to 255.255. Any values over 255 will loop from zero. (That is, 256=0, 257=1, 258=2, etc)