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Ok i don't care who edits this as long as I can get an answer. Hopefully whoevers in charge of this nifty little site reads this..please make a thread-able forum..for users, that would be awesome. if there already is one than i sure as hell couldn't find it. anyways.. i hope this falls into the right screen..I got DOSBox and figured it all out except for one small problem that i just cant seem to sound. I can play but i cant for the life of me get the sound to work..and yes every things plugged in. I've tried fucking all around with setup.exe..with different sound fx and music cards and whatnot.nothing seems to work. some help would be greatly appreciated.I loved DukeNukem3D and Descent as a kid and when i figured out dos emulators it was the greatest thing since google...thanks...unless your a useless douche that just fucks this all to hell.

                                                                      or cleverZombie (my user id)