GAMES:AV-8B Harrier Assault

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There are two DOS versions:

AV-8b Harrier Assault (By DOMARK) 1992

Super VGA AV-8b Harrier Assault

I believe the only real difference is the Super VGA version offers a slightly better resolution and is the one to get, it seems to be the one usually offered for download. (I used to have the basic one but now have the SVGA version)

Works on DOSBox 0.73

Some DOSBox Configuration Edits may be needed from the default: Joystick in the DOSBox configuration needs to be set Timed=False (otherwise your stick won't work or calibrate!) Cycles=Auto may give you a very sensitive Joystick. Try Cycles=Fixed 15000 and then tweak it as it suites you.

The manual (It is essential due to "in game" help not being there) is not included in most Game downloads. So you need to download separately from where ever you can find it. I had no joy using AV8B harrier assault in my search engine, but found several once I put the hyphen in AV-8B

Superb flight model, and pretty good strategic gameplay. Graphic typical for period