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To run Ascendancy mount your CD or ISO file under DOSDOX with one of the following commands

mount d f:\ -t cdrom
IMGMOUNT d C:\OLDGAMES\ascend.iso -t iso

You should then be able to mound your Ascendancy folder and run the game normally

mount c c:\oldgames\
cd Ascend

If you know you have your CD mounted but Ascendancy gives you the message "Please place the Ascendancy CD in your CDROM drive.", check your COB.CFG file. This file tells Ascendancy where it should expect to find the .COB resource files needed to run the game. e.g. it might contain something like


If the line for ASCEND2.COB does not match what you have mounted for your CD simply edit it to match. For example, if you mount your CD as drive D: and your ISO has no DATA folder, simply change the last line to "D:\ASCEND02.COB". Ascendancy should then launch the game.

Removing the 'Ping' Sound

Every time you click the mouse in Ascendancy you will hear a 'ping'. If you find this annoying and want to remove it you can follow these steps.

  1. Make a backup of your Ascendancy folder and data
  2. Download the COB extractor utility from the Trancendancy Project. Place it in the same folder as ascend.exe.
  3. Run the extractor tool on ASCEND01.COB with
>COBExtract.exe ASCEND01.COB /raw
This dumps the data into the folder 'ASCEND01'. Note: if the extractor fails to create the folder (due to lack of permissions) you may need to create a folder called ASCEND01 first.
  1. Delete or move the file ASCEND01\data\button.voc (this is the sound file for the ping)
  2. Create a new file named "button.voc" that is 0kb in size (you can just create a blank text file and change the name)
  3. Run the extractor to re-create ASCEND01.COB with
>COBExtract.exe ASCEND01.cobfilelist /create

You should now be able to launch the game and not hear the ping when you click.

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