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Works fine with default settings. Type "Start" to run the game from the command prompt

Screen shots

Saved screen shots will get mixed up with EOB1 screenshots because both games have the same executable file name: "start." Screen shots will be saved under the name: start_000.png and in increasing sequential numbers e.g. start_001.png. Your operating system may place the default folder in something like C:Users/(User name)/Appdata/Local/DOSBox

Character import from EOB1

If you wish to import your party from EOB1, find the file eobdata.sav in the folder for EOB1 and simply copy it into the EOB2 folder. No commands are necessary through dosbox to accomplish this. Your characters should now be available for import from the game's main menu when EOB2 is running. You may pick up to four characters to continue from EOB2 and certain items such as quest items, luck stone medallions, and the stone skin spell will be removed.