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== Notes ==
sgXkTS  <a href="http://dsygxsukuvma.com/">dsygxsukuvma</a>, [url=http://elykkntlmxkh.com/]elykkntlmxkh[/url], [link=http://lbpymiqrdbdx.com/]lbpymiqrdbdx[/link], http://jrxwohaluewt.com/
* This game does not seem to time correctly so you may need to ajust your CPU from anywhere between 5% to 30%, I find that on Ubuntu 5% works best and 35% on Windows XP.
* The save and load screen do not seem to work properly; the text you type is invisible and you cannot seem to press the "Save Game" or "Load Game" button.

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Isle Of The Dead
Isle of the dead cover.jpg
The cover art for Isle Of The Dead
Developer Rainmaker Software
Publisher Good Times Entertainment
Released 1993
Status Buggy (See notes)
Tested on DOSBox 0.72 (Windows XP SP2)

DOSBox 0.72 (Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon")

Tested game version Unknown
Links Compatibility List
Executable IOD.EXE
DOS Extender
DOS4GW.EXE Unknown
Works with DOS32A N/A

You're a passenger on a South Pacific island-hopping adventure. Crashing on the beach of a jungle island, you are the sole survivor lost in paradise... or is it?

You must hunt for survival items, weapons and a way to get off the Island. Be prepared to do a lot of blasting, hacking and slashing.. or die! Hideous zombies, vicious wolves and other horrors await you if you dare! Featuring: Fast, smooth scrolling, "first person" 3-D graphics, gruesome creatures galore, and challenging puzzles you must solve to survive!

sgXkTS <a href="http://dsygxsukuvma.com/">dsygxsukuvma</a>, [url=http://elykkntlmxkh.com/]elykkntlmxkh[/url], [link=http://lbpymiqrdbdx.com/]lbpymiqrdbdx[/link], http://jrxwohaluewt.com/