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[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_&_Conquer:_Red_Alert Red Alert] runs just fine in DOSBox.
#REDIRECT [[GAMES:Command & Conquer: Red Alert]]
You can download the ISOs for the game from EA (who bought out Westwood in 2002 or 2003). See the [http://www.ea.com/redalert/news-detail.jsp?ncc=1&id=62 news article for more information].
You should mount both ISOs at one time, and then switch with CTRL-F4 when the game asks you. For example, I've got these two commands in my [[AUTOEXEC]]:
[[MOUNT]] c ~/emulators/dos
[[IMGMOUNT]] d ~/emulators/CD1_ALLIED_DISC.ISO ~/emulators/CD2_SOVIET_DISC.ISO -t iso -fs iso
[[Category:Real-time strategy games]]

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