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# Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\'''LFD'''
# Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\'''LFD'''
# Copy every '''LFD''' file that '''doesn't already exist''' in c:\games\DARKSE\LFD\ to c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\LFD\
# Copy every '''LFD''' file that '''doesn't already exist''' in c:\games\DARKSE\LFD\ to c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\LFD\
# Put this [[dosbox.conf]] file in c:\games\DARKSE\:
# Put this [[dosbox.conf]] file in c:\games\DARKSE\ :

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Star Wars: Dark Forces
Developer LucasArts
Publisher LucasArts
Released 1995
Status Perfect
Tested on SE 1.0l
Tested game version Unknown
Links Compatibility List
Executable DARK.EXE
DOS Extender
DOS4GW.EXE Unknown
Works with DOS32A N/A

Star Wars: Dark Forces is first-person shooter (with no network capabilities) that is halfway between the basic playability of Doom and the advanced playability of Duke Nukem 3D.

Installation requirement

D:\DARKSE\DARK\INSTALL.EXE has a special requirement. You must MOUNT the entire CD-ROM drive and only then "CD" your way into it (in other words: you can't just directly mount DARK itself). Here is how to do it:

Z:\>mount d d:\

Making it work

The game will run quite well in DOSBox, but there are two points to note:

  • Run SETUP.EXE (it will also run automatically after a successful completion of the installation) and choose your settings.
  • While the game has no CD protection per se, there is no choice for a full installation. Therefore, most of the game is played directly from the CD-ROM. Use this dosbox.conf file to support that behavior:
mount d d:\ -t cdrom

(assuming your CD-ROM drive is D, of course)

Making it work without the CD

Since the game has no CD protection, but also no choice for a full installation, here is a way to copy just the needed files from the CD-ROM and thus simulate a CD-free full installation:

  1. Install the game. For this example, let's assume you installed it to c:\games\DARKSE\
  2. Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD
  3. Copy D:\CD.ID to c:\games\DARKSE\CD\
  4. Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE
  5. Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK
  6. Copy every GOB file that doesn't already exist in c:\games\DARKSE\ to c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\
  7. Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\LFD
  8. Copy every LFD file that doesn't already exist in c:\games\DARKSE\LFD\ to c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\LFD\
  9. Put this dosbox.conf file in c:\games\DARKSE\ :
mount d cd -t cdrom

Now you can play the game without the CD!


If you want the game to run better and faster, don't forget to replace its DOS4GW.EXE file (e.g. c:\games\DARKSE\DOS4GW.EXE) with DOS32A.