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|version=SE 1.0l
|version=SE 1.0L (Build 1)

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Star Wars: Dark Forces
Developer LucasArts
Publisher LucasArts
Released 1995
Status Perfect
Tested on SE 1.0L (Build 1)
Tested game version Unknown
Links Compatibility List
Executable DARK.EXE
DOS Extender
DOS4GW.EXE Unknown
Works with DOS32A N/A

Star Wars: Dark Forces is first-person shooter (with no network capabilities) that is halfway between the basic playability of Doom and the advanced playability of Duke Nukem 3D.

Installation requirement

D:\DARKSE\DARK\INSTALL.EXE has a special requirement. You must MOUNT the entire CD-ROM drive and only then "CD" your way into it (in other words: you can't just directly mount DARK itself). Here is how to do it:

Z:\>mount d d:\

Making it work

The game will run quite well in DOSBox, but there are two points to note:

  • Run SETUP.EXE (it will also run automatically after a successful completion of the installation) and choose your settings.
  • While the game has no CD protection per se, there is no choice for a full installation. Therefore, most of the game is played directly from the CD-ROM. Use this dosbox.conf file to support that behavior:
mount d d:\ -t cdrom

(assuming your CD-ROM drive is D, of course)

Making it work without the CD

Since the game has no CD protection, but also no choice for a full installation, here is a way to copy just the needed files from the CD-ROM and thus simulate a CD-free full installation:

  1. Install the game. For this example, let's assume you installed it to c:\games\DARKSE\
  2. Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD
  3. Copy D:\CD.ID to c:\games\DARKSE\CD\
  4. Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE
  5. Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK
  6. Copy every GOB file that doesn't already exist in c:\games\DARKSE\ to c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\
  7. Create c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\LFD
  8. Copy every LFD file that doesn't already exist in c:\games\DARKSE\LFD\ to c:\games\DARKSE\CD\DARKSE\DARK\LFD\
  9. Put this dosbox.conf file in c:\games\DARKSE\ :
mount d cd -t cdrom

Now you can play the game without the CD!


If you want the game to run better and faster, don't forget to replace its DOS4GW.EXE file (e.g. c:\games\DARKSE\DOS4GW.EXE) with DOS32A.