GAMES:The Bard's Tale I: Tales From The Unknown

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The Bard's Tale I: Tales From the Unknown runs in CGA/EGA or Tandy/PCJr graphics. It does not have VGA support. For best results use EGA or Tandy/PCJr graphics. The PCJr patch can be downloaded here if you want to play in PCJr mode.

There is a cheat to use while in dungeons or the streets, type "Z" on the keyboard and then the game will give you a friendly monster to help you fight battles. If the monster dies, you can press Z again to get another one. A good way to level up your new characters is to exit the Tavern and head south to fight the Samurai statue with the friendly monster in your party. Then return to the Tavern and reload the game to beat a reset Samurai statue. Repeat this until your characters can level up.

Maps for BT1 can be found here if you get lost in the game or lost your maps.