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X-COM: Apocalypse
Title Image
The title screen for X-COM: Apocalypse
Developer Mythos Games
Publisher Microprose
Released 1997
Status Gold
Tested on 0.71
Tested game version Unknown
Links Compatibility List
DOS Extender
DOS4GW.EXE Unknown
Works with DOS32A N/A

Making it work

Since this is a CD-ROM game, you will need to mount either the physical CD or an ISO image while the game is running. The settings are straight forward, but for best performance you will need at least 200MB of free space on your mounted C drive to install. If installing with the minimal (20MB) or standard version (60MB) does not work, use the optimal version (200MB).

Typical mounts will show around 100MB of free space. Since this is a huge game (for its time), you will need the flag -freesize. Try mount C YOURDRIVE -freesize 1024 if you need intend to use the optimal version.

Use the default settings for Sound Blaster 16, and all will be well. The speed of the CD-ROM drive can be ignored if you are mounting the ISO.

On DOSbox V 0.73 the CD mount was no required after installation of the optimal version

Reason for Gold

The program hangs once a blue moon, and sometimes the game will ask for the CD-ROM when it is already mounted. This is tested on Ubuntu 7.10 with DOSBox 0.71. Just close the window and reload the game. Save often.

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