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Thanks, Xaivior13 (please e-mail response to xaivior13@gmail.com)
Thanks, Xaivior13 (please e-mail response to xaivior13@gmail.com)
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need to be able to play games that's on my old computer that is windows. my new computer is a vista gaming computer. need to be able to play the games that are on my old computer on my new computer. understand that there is a number or system to be able to do this. the geek squad gave us you name. I was told that you could help with this. would appreciate all the help that you can give us. we have a large amount of games to apply to this, there are several that we have not even opened.

Help Me! Ive downloaded dosbox, but the game i want to play says it requires 16mb of memory to run it....how to i overcome this in DOSBOX??

Not all keys (\) work in Vista HP on a new Lenovo y430 ideapad

 I'm less than 24 hours new to DOSBox so please bear with me.  I haven't had time to read all the info I've gathered, but this may be a common problem.  Not all of my punctuation keys work on my new Lenovo Y430 laptop under DOSBox.  The most annoying is the backslash (\).  Do I have to remember how to enter keycodes manually, or is there a 'more elegant' fix?
 Thanks.  You can get me direct at ptripp@yahoo.com.

Can't used "\" on the Dosbox

Same as my Lenovo Y530 and run on windows7 RC1 I can't type \ on the dosbox, How to solve this problem Thank you.

Can't get background music to work

In order to prevent my system from glitching out while playing Rayman Forever, I saved the whole disk to my computer. Now, the whole game and sound effects work, except for the background music... I know the game runs like an audio CD, because I used to play it in a CD player, so, does turning it into a folder change this?

Thanks, Xaivior13 (please e-mail response to xaivior13@gmail.com)