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[[#Redirect Connectivity]]
DOSBox provides the emulation layer for IPX/SPX networking. To enable it, please edit your [[dosbox.conf]] configuration file and set the '''ipx''' parameter value to '''true'''
DOSBox networking works in a client-server architecture, where one machine acts as a server and all the others connect to it as its clients. This provides virtual IPX network routed over the TCP/IP protocol.
To start acting as a server, issue the following command.
ipxnet startserver 19000
where 19000 is an example of a port available on a local machine. This port must be forwarded and open to the outside network if a server is hidden behind a router (NAT).
To connect to a server, type the following command.
ipxnet connect 123.456.789.023 19000
where 123.456.789.023  is the IP address of the server and 19000 is a port number on which the server listens to incoming client connections.
Once a connection has been established, you can start playing your game and connect using the in-game multiplayer functionality.
For further information please refer to the [[IPX]] section of this wiki.

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