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'''ipx = true | false'''<br />
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Enables / Disables IPX protocol under DOSBox<br />
You can enable IPX later in the DOSBox command line with command:<br />
'''ipx true'''<br />
or disable it with command:<br />
'''ipx false'''<br /><br />
Note, that the IPX feature of DOSBox does not connect to an existing IPX network,<br />
it provides an UDP based emulation of such.<br /><br />
This means, one client has to start a server and let the others connect to it.<br />
In a network with ''server'' and ''client'', use the following commands on the console,<br />
to set up IPX networking:<br /><br />
On ''server'' start the IPX server by typing:<br />
'''ipxnet startserver'''<br /><br />
and on ''client'' type:<br />
'''ipxnet connect ''server'' '''<br />
''server'' being the hostname of the machine, running the IPX server.<br /><br />
At this point, there is a tunneled IPX network between the two hosts.<br />
Repeating the second step on another machine adds it to the network.<br />

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