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ipx = true | false
Enables / Disables IPX protocol under DOSBox
You can enable IPX later in the DOSBox command line with command:
ipx true
or disable it with command:
ipx false

Note, that the IPX feature of DOSBox does not connect to an existing IPX network,
it provides an UDP based emulation of such.

This means, one client has to start a server and let the others connect to it.
In a network with server and client, use the following commands on the console,
to set up IPX networking:

On server start the IPX server by typing:
ipxnet startserver

and on client type:
ipxnet connect server
server being the hostname or the IP address of the machine running the IPX server.

At this point, there is a tunneled IPX network between the two hosts.
Repeating the second step on another machine adds it to the network.

If the above commands do not work, and you are running Linux, specify the port number explicitly, as in the example below:
ipxnet startserver 1222
ipxnet connect server 1222
This is the limitation of Linux environments, where only root (or superuser) can use port numbers lower than 1024. Feel free to use any not yet occupied port number greater than that value.