Shortcuts that You Run in DOSBox

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  • This will allow you to use a shortcut to your program using a batch file that you run in DOSBox it's self.
  • This way you can keep you mount settings
  • Create in the root directory of the folder you use primarily for DOSBox a text file and rename it [program].bat
  • The shortcuts will need to be in the same (mounted) drive as the program(s) you want to run
  • Open it in notepad and type
    • @echo off
cd [program dir]
cd \
REM once the program is closed this will take you back to the root directory
  • To run it (provided your autoexec has something like "mount C C:\folder", C:\ and [program].bat is in C:\folder) just type [program].
  • So for theme hospital that would be 'hospital.bat' and
    • @echo off
cd hospital
cd \
  • and to run it all you need to do is type 'hospital'.
  • You can write a program to do this quickly but this will assume that the program name and folder are the same
  • Unfortunately this can't be run from dosbox
  • Create a batch file in the directory you want the shortcuts to be in lets call it short.bat and write this to it
    • @echo off
set /P program="Enter the name of the program: "
echo @echo off > %program%.bat
echo cd %program% >> %program%.bat
echo %program% >> %program%.bat
echo cd \ >> %program%.bat