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StarTexter III
StarTexter III for DOS
Developer Unknown
Publisher Sybex
Released Sep. 1990
Status Perfect
Tested on 0.74
Executable TEXT3.EXE
Setup N/A

StarTexter III should work without any special configuration.


I couldn't test the printing because my Laptop doesn't have any LTP port any longer.


Key Result
F1 Help
F2 Manuales Trennen
F3 Center the text
F4 indent
F5 Tabulatoren setzen/löschen
F6 Absatz formatieren
F7 Blocksatz ein-/ausschalten
F8 Blockstart/-ende
F9 Festes Leerzeichen
F10 Date (in form of DD.MM.YYYY)
CTRL + F1 Text verwerfen
CTRL + F2 Zeile löschen
CTRL + F3 Wort löschen
CTRL + F5 Search
CTRL + F6 Dos-Shell
CTRL + F7 Faltblattmarkierung
CTRL + F8 Spellchecker
CTRL + F9 Grafikzeichen
Caps + F1 underlined
Caps + F2 bold
Caps + F3 superscript
Caps + F4 subscript
Caps + F5 breitschrift
Caps + F6 schmalschrift
Caps + F7 italics
Caps + F8 doubled
Caps + F9 Trennhilfe

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