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-- soma1337@gmail.com
-- soma1337@gmail.com
== Othe Instructions ==
== Simpler Instructions ==
I have found instructions that are much simpler and DO work, from ehow.com:
I have found instructions that are much simpler and DO work, from ehow.com:

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Easiest way to do anything... ever.

Drag your DOS box games' EXE files right onto the DOSbox EXE. Now, ain't that alot easier than having to set it up?

If it doesn't work that way, it will work if you do it the hard way.

-- soma1337@gmail.com

Simpler Instructions

I have found instructions that are much simpler and DO work, from ehow.com:

Step 1: Create a folder on your hard drive that will serve as the DOSBox program's C drive. For this tutorial, we'll use the folder name "games" on the PC's C drive. This is where you will store games to be accessed by your DOSBox program.

Step 2: Put any games that you have downloaded into this new folder. Create separate folders for each of your games. For this tutorial, we'll say there is a folder called "chess" that contains a DOS-based chess game.

Step 3: Run your DOSBox program. Two windows will appear; minimize--but don't close--the DOSBox Status Window. When you see the Z:\ prompt in the main DOSBox window, type "mount c c:\games." With this command, you are telling the DOSBox program where your emulated C drive will be located.

Step 4: Type "c:" and press enter when you see the Z:\ prompt. Then type "cd chess." You should now see a prompt that says "c:\chess."

Step 5: Enter the name of the executable file that is required to run your game. You can find out which file this is by reading a "readme" file that comes with your game. Type in the name of that file, minus the .exe file extension, and hit enter. Your game will begin and you are ready to play.

I think the guide works

I know it's a bit verbose, but after cleaning up some sections I think it fulfills it's purpose. The guide is meant to be read not just by people who just downloaded DOSBox and want to know what to do next, but also by people who want to understand how to use DOSBox (teach a man to fish and all that). However, to your point about it being wrong, I rewrote the section you referenced to include example output from running each command, and I added the Z Prompt so you can see where you should be when you run those commands, but I can't for the life of me see where you are experiencing an error. Not to be flip, but you may want to reread the article, it says the same thing you suggest just with more pictures. Cheers!

        • I've got to admit. The guide and the program thus far is just as described. Hard to understand and even harder to get the program to launch SQ5 in the program. I've installed it after "mounting" it. Still, I get an error 105 message when trying to launch the Sierra.exe file (even went a step further to run the .exe files in compatibility mode.

I'm afraid the program is lackin---bigtime.


Full screen has black borders

I'd like to play X-Com (320x200) on my laptop (1280x800), but when I switch to full screen the game does not grow to fill the screen. Instead the game is centered, surrounded by blackness. And since there is only a "normal3x"-filter and no "normal4x" I can only get the game as large as 960x600. How can I make the game fill the whole screen? 12:49, 11 May 2008 (UTC)


Hooray for this article and thanks. I am having one little problem though. I can't create the shortcut. I create a blank text file in wordpad with the name of the file being MYGAME.xyz. I set it to open with DOSBOX and create a shortcut to desktop. But When I try to use it tells me ILLEGAL COMMAND:MYGAME.XYZ.TXT (or .RTF or whatever format I use). What am I missing? - 13 May 2008

Works for me & tablet PC tip

The instuctions worked fine for me on two different PCs. One running XP the other Vista. Thank you

One thing - my Tablet PC doesn't have an F12 key. After much plugging in of USB keyboards to ramp up the game speed, a chum suggested using the on screen keypad for F12. Doh. It is a bit easier that way!

What If Your HDD is partitioned

cause im us my larger one (H drive its called) what do i change, in order to make it work?